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IMPRINT: verb im·print l \im-ˈprint, ˈim-ˌ\

 to cause (something) to stay in your mind or memory
Our Vision

​Squires is a direct response to the needs of the teen father. Navigating fatherhood at any age is a challenge, when you add adolescence it only compounds the situation. We provide the friendship and support a young male needs as he navigates fatherhood and discovers what it means to be a man.​


What makes Squires different is that we deliberately seek out the 14-25 year old father. We recognize that we are not just looking at a young dad, but a young man that the world may have already written off, and in many cases deemed a villain.

What if society expected a young father to stick around?

Our Approach 

Squires caters to not only the age of the father, but the biology of a male teen as well. We take into account the maturity, testosterone levels, as well as visual and audible stimulants of the teen male. We also account for the teen’s home and economic situation. Therefore the plan can differ slightly from father to father. But what remains consistent for all participants, is the continual encouragement to make positive choices in his life in an effort to support his child.

Our Mission  

​Our mission is to empower young fathers with the knowledge and support to provide emotional, physical and financial care for their children. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to change the culture of expecting fathers to run away from responsibility.

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