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“It's not the honor you take with you, but the heritage that you leave behind.- Branch Rickey


Our  newest program Knight Project brings it all together and is for those dads that want to take the next step and be intentional about fatherhood . Knight Project encourages bonds between the father and their child, increases their education, and engages their community.

Upon completion each Squire will have completed 50 hours of reading to their child, 2 financial literacy classes, 2 parenting education classes, attended 2 major Squires events, and at least 5 of the 6 special KP meetings. Each meeting with a different theme. All done in six months.

Upon completion, Knight Project dads are rewarded materially, through things like receiving a family photo package, a "dad shirt", a $100 gift certificate, And lastly the chance to attend the Fathers and Family Coalition Conference in Los Angles with Squires.

In addition Knight Project dads are recognized through a special community Knighting ceremony. 

*Knight Project runs January-June, Sign-ups close end of December. 

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