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“It's not the honor you take with you, but the heritage that you leave behind.- Branch Rickey

In 2016, a group of teen parents attending Franklin High School approached their high school administrators and requested to walk across the stage at graduation with their children, the children that had gone to school with them and had grown with them on their school campus.


The school did not grant the request. However, the PPS Teen Parent Services Program did provide each student a special honor cord to wear at  their graduation ceremony. As a symbol of them carring their child across the stage with them.

Squires thought the story was inspiring and that it should not end there. Starting with the class of 2017, it became Squires desire was to award every pregnant or parenting teen that meets the states requirements to earn a Diploma or obtain a GED in Oregon a special honor cord as recognition for the hard work and dedication that it takes to graduate while parenting.

Do you know a young parent graduating? Please nominate them using the button below.


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